»St. Pauli Roar« espresso is a project of FC St. Pauli fans and political initiatives in the quarter in co-operation with Cafe Libertad.

As much as possible of returns is meant to benefit small-scale farmers in the countries of origin, fan groups or quarter initiatives. The “Roar” is produced biologically and traded solidarily.

Oppositional groups in the countries of origin are being supported with 40 Cent per kilo, further 2 Euro per kilo are going to benefit fan and quarter initiatives.

Support, politics, movement
The „Roar

FC St. Pauli is frequently associated with the „Roar“, which has developed in the eighties in the famous Gegengerade terrace in the Millerntor stadium and stands for both emotional enthusiasm and support at St. Pauli games and for a political attitude beyond football and the club. The fight for the Hafenstraße and other squats, anti-fascism or resistance against commercialisation have been part of this development. Support in the stadium as well as the quarter St. Pauli have been changing over the years.
But there still is a politically active fan scene which doesn’t understand St.Pauli in the context of football only, but as everyday life, social struggle and political conflict – getting involved against nazi shops, displacement of homeless people or eviction of trailer squats, for the defense of the Esso houses or squatted projects like Rote Flora.

You‘ll never walk alone…
Aid money

A board of activists from fan groups and quarter initiatives decides on the distribution of the soli money. Surplus and distributed money are being documented and published. Applications for aid money are possible for funding of fan actions against fascism, racism, sexism, homophobia, commercialisation or repression. As regards quarter-based political work, independent
projects and activities promoting self-organisation of residents and the Right to the City are supported.

Since October 2012, € 7500.- have been realised of which € 500.- were supporting anti-fascist fans of Partizan Minsk, € 300.- the defense of the Esso houses, € 600.- the Lampedusa in Hamburg refugee group, € 670.- the documentation of fan protests at OccupyGezi and € 1000.- were awarded to the St. Pauli Anti-racist Tournament 2014.

Solidary trade with Zapatista and
resistant co-operativesn
Espresso for the daily revolt

From summer 2014, St.Pauli Roar is produced as a new ArabAica mixture to ensure more fruit and roar on the finish. The raw coffee originates from Zapatista and resistant co-operatives in co-operation with Café Libertad collective.

The coffee is traded solidarily. For example, the raw coffee price exceeds the world market price substantially. This – on the other hand – requires the purchase of the coffee taking place not within the world market but directly from small-scale farming co-operatives who are involved in local protest movements. This procedure is supporting resistance in the production countries and developing an alternative practice against capitalist world market conditions.

St.Pauli Roar contains coffee from COMSA co-operative and women’s co-operative Aprolma from Marcala region in Honduras, as well as raw coffee of Zapatista co-operatives Yachil and Yochin from Chiapas, Mexico.

COMSA, for instance, is an organisation founded by 69 small-scale farmers aiming at an improvement of living and working conditions in the Marcala region in Honduras. Currently, there are 614 partners (26% women) with participation of the indigenous Lenca.
Furthermore, COMSA is a member of the Latin American and Caribbean Co-ordination of Just Trade, an association of small-scale farmers’ organisations which has established its own seal because of political disagreement regarding the Fair Trade seal.
Raw coffee price: 4,42 € per kg

Consequently, solidarily traded espresso is more than 28% above comparable world market
prices of fairly traded coffee.

Support the project
Drinking espresso

Via self-distribution, the espresso costs ground € 3.80 for the 250g vacuum pack and € 15.- for a 1kg bag of whole beans. This offer is feasible only due to the non-profit oriented character of the project. In commercial sale locations supporting the Roar project, the price can vary due to an extra charge of the shop.
The solidarity espresso is available in quarter projects, fan meeting points or via the Internet at www.cafe-libertad.de

Import and distribution are done by
the registerd cooperative
Café Libertad Kollektiv
Stresemannstr. 268
22769 Hamburg

Phone: 040 – 20 90 68 92
Fax: 040-20 90 68-93
Email : bestellungen@cafe-libertad.de

Quantity discount
50 kg and more 5 % discount
100 kg and more 7,5 % discount
200 kg and more 10 % discount

Direct debiting: additional 2 % discount

Delivery will take place within 2-3 working days
Cash and carry from Café Libertad, Stresemannstr. 268, 22769 Hamburg: 10% discount for 5kg and more